Well Butter My Biscuits!!! : Serious Biscuit

March 25, 2012
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Yesterday, The little lady and I heard about a relatively new restaurant in South Lake Union owned by Tom Douglas. Tom Douglas owns a variety of successful eateries in the area and is known for his creative dishes and local ingredients.

This modern spot, called Serious Biscuit,  uses the kitchen of Serious Pie (same location) to prepare whimsical interpretations of breakfast standard sandwiches.

When you walk in the door, the feeling of home takes a tight hold on your senses. The aroma a fresh biscuits and jams fills the split-level restaurant as you step to the counter to order.

The menu includes many combinations of superior, local ingredients such as: Beecher’s cheeses, Hill’s Farm bacon and freshly prepared, sandwich sized biscuits. (excessive salivation break………)

The wifey and I sampled:

*Homemade ham, egg, beecher’s cheddar, apple mustard biscuit $8

*Fried chicken, tabasco black pepper gravy biscuit – $8

*Side of Kentucky bourbon & bacon baked beans – $3

Let me tell you something;  if you think a breakfast sandwich with your morning coffee from McDonald’s hits the spot, you will never be the same once you eat at this biscuit bar. Serious biscuit serves Texas style biscuits, which are tender, flakey and full of butter. Butter equals flavor and I got smacked in the face by flavor this morning.

The  one negative I found: There is a counter downstairs to order breakfast sandwiches and a few sides. The top floor, which had a hostess sand at the bottom of the stairs, seemed vacant and closed. Because of this, we assumed that the top-level was only open during the dinner service of Serious Pie. Since the top floor seemed deserted, we ordered our sammies downstairs and grabbed a small table. We were then told that there was an expanded menu upstairs and we would also be waited on. We headed up after ordering and asked the hostess if we could have a seat. We were abruptly told that, “Since you ordered downstairs, you need to stay downstairs.” I found this comment to be extremely rude, considering Serious Biscuit is a small business and we were first time diners.

This confusion of upstairs/downstairs ordering causes awkward conversations and large groups of people gathering in the entryway, where people are trying to order/eat. I would suggest that the management makes a better effort to resolve the chaos that might ensue during a breakfast rush.

Overall, the food was delicious and freshly prepared. The service, aside from the negative comments from the hostess, was very fun and energetic.

I would give this restaurant 4 out of 5 bellypats.  Bravo Tom Douglas….you  baited your line with a breakfast fare fit for a king at a modest price. Thanks to your bountiful biscuts, you have landed me hook, line and sinker!


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Southern Yummm-fort: Toulouse Petit

March 24, 2012
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Last Sunday, the little lady and I were in downtown Seattle during the dinner rush. Using fantastic smart-phone technology, we stumbled upon a restaurant that specialized in creole cooking and supposedly, an incredible happy hour.

We arrived at Toulouse Petit, located at the bottom of Queen Anne Hill. From the outside, you would have no idea this place was a place to eat. Below a small sign on the building is what appears to be an abandoned doorway. The walls of this tiny establishment were lined with hundreds of illuminated tealights.

The wifey and I sat in the dining room to peruse the menu. There was a vast selection of meals, including many southern staples: Jambalaya, Seafood Gumbo, Shrimp and Grits and Duck Con Fit (all entrees priced between $15-$22)

Though the dinner prices were fair, we migrated toward the bar for the daily happy hour, which peaked our initial interest in the restaurant. After a $3 minimum drink order, we were able to pick from 50 tapas (appetizers) portions of the  dinner menu selections. All of these tapas were only $5-$7 each.

We sampled:  Spicy Lamb Sliders, Cajun Meatloaf Sliders, Potato Frites with Olive Oil Aeoli, Pork Cheeks, Chicken Gumbo and Buttermilk Fried Chicken Bites.

Well spank me and call me Susan! This was by far some of the best food I had ever eaten. The multiple layers of flavor and freshness of the ingredients came through in every bite.

Last, but certainly no least…..Butterscotch Banana Cream Pie. I do not like banana cream pie, but my other half loves it. I assumed I would take my usual spot picking off the whipped cream and eating the remainder of the crust when she was done. WROOONGOOO! This pie was effin’ amazing! Every bite I took earned me a furious glare from the little lady….but I just kept right on partaking. (insert maniacal laugh here)

Toulouse Petit is a loud, fun and casual spot where you can kick back with the boys, or enjoy an upscale meal with the whole family. Given the extensive selection of food and alcohol and on-point pricing, we will definitely be frequenting this haunt again.

I give this establishment 5 out of 5 bellypats!

Bon Appetit! Southern Yummmfort lives on in Downtown Seattle!


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It’s a new dawn…It’s a new day…and I’m feelin’ full!!

March 24, 2012

Welcome to all readers. My name is Matt and I am a teacher who lives in the Seattle area. Since teaching is one of the highest paying positions in the world (hahahah), I like to find delicious, but budget friendly options for me and the wifey.

This blog explores the the adventures I have cooking new recipes and visiting scrumptious establishments in the greater Seattle area…and beyond. Join me on my quest to to find out WHAT’S  IN MATT’S BELLY!!

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