Stand Up and Salute: Americana Cafe on Capitol Hill

July 28, 2012
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Hello all. I am sorry I have not written for quite a while and rmy eaders have been hungry for new restaurants to try. Well here we go…

I visited this definition of a “hole in the wall” on the 4th of July. (Ok…its been a really long time since I have blogged, but this one was worth waiting for.) The wifey and I always look for something to do on the 4th during the day. We got a groupon for the Americana Cafe on Capitol Hill and we decided nothing would be more patriotic on our day of independence.

When trying to find the place, we passed by it twice because the sign was small…I guess to match the cafe. We went for brunch and the place was bustling with business. We sat outside to enjoy the sun.

Being the 4th of July, 2 of the waitresses had called in sick (I assume to enjoy the weather and the festivities). Our waiter, Justin, was amazing!! He was the only one serving that day and he still took incredible care of us, even though the cafe was incredibly understaffed. I had to mention his name because he made our experience wonderful.

I perused the menu and decided exactly what I wanted after reading 2 items. We had:

with corn and mozzarella pancake and scallion scrambled eggs.

THE EAST COAST (The Better Half)
grilled bread spread with cream cheese and topped with dill scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, red onions and capers. served with potatoes.

I licked my plate clean! They took a classic dish like bacon, eggs and pancakes and transformed it into a high quality brunch item. HANDS DOWN the BEST BREAKFAST I HAVE EVER HAD!

With affordable prices, all dishes made from scratch and using local ingredients, the Americana Cafe on Capitol Hill makes me want to stand up and salute for foodies everywhere. I did not think that a small eatery like this could reinvent a comfort food classic and surprise this guy, but as a well-known politician might say: YES THEY CAN!!! Thank you Americana Cafe for filling my belly with pork belly, and I hope you fill more for many years to come!

I give this restaurant 5 out of 5 Bellypats!!!

I will leave you with a favorite quote of mine:  “Diet is just ‘die’ with a ‘t’.”


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