Turkey Day Everyday: Gobble Restaurant in Woodinville

January 12, 2013
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While Christmas shopping a few weeks back, the little lady and I spotted a sign on a strip mall display in Woodinville. This sign intrigued us, seeing as how it was one word: “GOBBLE“. After pointing out the sign, I raised one eyebrow and glanced at my wife….just in time to see her giving me the exact same look. Our curiosity took us to the door to puruse the menu. We found that the focus of the restaurant was…you guessed it….everything turkey on a plate.

Gobble restaurant was opened 3 months ago. The whole point of this little spot is to make you feel as if you have come home to your childhood kitchen table to enjoy your mother’s home cooked vittles. As you enter, you see kitchen tables with white legs and matching chairs. There are 4 communal tables to encourage guests to meet new people and engage in warm conversation over come cooked comfort food. There are also kitchen cabinets that have been put in the back of the restaurant, along with a bar with seating, to complete the kitchen experience.

The only protein on the menu is turkey. There is an amazing selection of tantalizing turkey treats to choose from including: the classic turkey platter with all the fixins, sandwiches, salads and soups. They even have turkey italian sausage sammies and turkey bacon on their BLT’s. They also serve giant turkey legs for all your inner cavemen OR current King Felix fans.

We enjoyed:

Carved Roasted Turkey Platter (comes with stuffing, gravy, 2 sides and cranberry sauce)

Turkey Meatloaf Plate (Mashed Potatoes, gravy and 2 sides)

How do I describe this…hmmm.  I don’t know if you culinary carnivores out there have seen Disney film Ratatouille. When the evil food critic (whom I am nothing like ….I swear….no way I have ever been that thin….heheh) finds himself flashing back to his mother’s kitchen after sampling a favorite and satisfying  dish…that is what this plate of food felt like to me.

All of the turkey is roasted fresh daily. All soups and dishes are made from scratch and are done the right well. The owner himself came by to ask about our experience and how we like the food. He said that his mission is to serve good food with healthy options and never let a customer leave hungry. We certainly did not leave hungry….we left with a doggy bag of deliciousness.

This is a local, one-of-a-kind business that depends on repeat customers. If you find yourself in April looking for a good Thanksgiving plate but have no desire to make a turkey to get it, this place will hit the spot. We will most certainly be back to sample more varieties of this amazing bird. Gobble Restaurant, I give thanks for you…what an awesome and unique concept.

I give this delightful little place 3 1/2 bellypats!!

I will leave you with this quote: I can’t cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast – Charlie Brown

Snack Responsibly Everyone!!




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Lovin’ Sammiches: Tom Douglas’ Rub with Love Shack

January 3, 2013
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Date night in downtown Seattle is always fun for me and the Mrs. I stumbled upon this new sandwich shop wandering around Pike Place in the evening. It was closed at the time because it keeps lunch hours of 11-6. I am so glad we went back, because I have been raving about the Rub with Love Shack ever since.

The Rub with Love Shack is located past the tourist attractions by Pike Place Market. You know what I mean. Everyone, tourist or not, seems to gather around Beecher’s Cheese. A little further down the road, the tourists crowd in to get their fix at the original Starbucks. Walk 2 blocks past these landmarks and you will hit this tiny, (it is, in the title, a shack) yet delicious, establishment.

Outside the storefront are tables and chairs for outside seating. The only seating in the shack itself is a counter that faces out toward the patio sitting area. Though it is small, the counter and the patio provide premium views for ferry/people watching.

When you enter, you are welcomed by the friendly staff and a heavenly aroma of spice mixtures. Tom Douglas has a line of dry marinades known as “Rub with Love”. (You usually see them in small tubs in the grocery store…or in my case, in the Christmas presents of some of my friends…hope you are enjoying them M&S : ))

The shack is also a store where over 20 of these spice rubs are sold. In order to taste some of them before you buy them, however, you can order an enormous (about 8 inches) sandwich cooked with these scrumptious spices at an amazingly reasonable price.

The Wifey and I Ordered:

Peri Peri Turkey Sandwich  $7.50

Ancho Molasses BBQ Chicken Sandwich  $7.50

You have to understand…all this place does is roast different cuts of meat with spice blends. They have a small menu, which ensures fantastic quality with these yummy bundles of meat. You are also able to order their roasted meat by the pound for banquets and parties (Yeah, I’m thinking bout ordering catering from this spot….don’t have any events to order it for…..but I really don’t care.)

I would eat one of these sandwiches each day for lunch if I could. (I don’t think my wallet would object to that statement as much as my doctor would) If you are down by the market and prefer a sub to the fresh seafood, strut on down to the Rub with Love Shack. You’ll thank me when you do.

What a fantastic product for a great value. Tom Douglas…you brilliant bastard and savvy sammich shop owner…I tip my cap to you yet again.

I give this restaurant 4 out of 5 bellypats!

I’ll leave you with a thought…depending on which one you get, a Subway sandwich can be up to 10 dollars. Just sayin’.



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