BBQ Bliss – Roro BBQ in Wallingford

March 9, 2014
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Hello my tens of faithful readers!

I know it has been quite some time since I have posted, and I have no excuse. I have been enjoying a cornucopia of cuisine and not posting my recommendations. Fear not…I am back and ready to eat…for my fans!

The day started out like any other Sunday at the Condo; trying to figure a yummy spot for lunch. The little lady and I decided on Pinky’s, which is a food truck permanently parked in a parking lot across from Dick’s Burgers in Wallingford. If you have never been there…you NEED to try their BBQ as well.  When we got there, there was not parking…not cool.

The wifey remembered hearing about a place that was about two miles away, which also has amazing smoked goodness. It was Roro BBQ in Wallingford.

We drove up to a tiny, red shack on the side of the road. I had passed by it a million times before on my way to the Fremont Market, but had never stopped to look at what it was. If you go hunting, be careful…you may miss it. From the outside, it looks like a rundown, old building with a pick-up window and a sandwich board, showing the specials for the day.

We entered to see a fun use of kitschy, western memorabilia (even the bathrooms are labeled “cowgirls” and “cowboys”) covering the walls. The cozy restaurant has 4 tables and 2 counters; for you to belly up to for brisket and a brew.

I perused the menu hanging above the kitchen window, from which magical smells were emanating. I saw a nice variety of BBQ favorites (pulled pork, brisket, hot links, smoked turkey) and even a veggie option of a smoked, pulled portabello mushroom sandwich. What caught my eye, and what I ordered, was something I had never seen done on any other smokehouse menu:

Me and the wifey had the:

BBQ SUNDAE         9.95

Choice of meat (brisket, pork, chicken) and two sides layered parfait style in a huge sundae dish. Topped with colesalw, pickles and BBQ sauce. Served with cornbread.

I ordered the smoked brisket to be layered with BBQ baked beans and Mac n’ Cheese on top.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!!! (I typed this out because writing OMG 8 times would not do this justice.)

What an amazing idea! What a delicious result. It was like having a plate of BBQ at any other joint but all blended together. All of the meat and the sides are made in-house and accompanied by 5 scratch made BBQ sauces that sit atop each table.

This was a phenomenal phoooood experience (I think this is my new word for ridiculously good grub…food with a PH. Whaddayathink?) and I will definitely be returning. I give this place 5 Bellypats!!!

Now that you know know, go go get you some finger lickin’ goodness down at Roro BBQ in Wallingford.

As my wife always says, ” It ain’s good barbecue ‘less you get some on ya!” Go get some!


Enjoy your next meal and stay hungry my friends!!

Matt : )

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