Pastrami Heaven: Barney’s Pastrami in Everett | December 26, 2015

Oh my fellow foodies…it is good to be back! Though I have been to a great deal of restaurants since my last post (like forever and a half ago), I felt the need to share this magnificent find that I visited during my holiday break (one of the many perks of the teaching profession).

I heard about this hole in the wall from a travel network program about “Sandwich Heaven”. This sandwich shop is known for their “Original Pastrami Dip”. You have to check out Barney’s Pastrami in Everett.

Thank the food gods that I have GPS on my phone. Without it, I would have missed this place. Barney’s Pastrami is located in a small strip mall on Evergreen Way in Everett. They are only open from 11-4 each day, so it’s hard for a sandwich savant like myself to get a delicious sammich on a weekday. (seeing as how I am molding young minds and all)

I will not lie, this place is the definition of a HOLE IN THE WALL. Disclaimer: This is definitely not the place to take a girl/guy to impress them on a first date. There is a main counter, behind which Barney, the silver haired man himself, greets you with a warm hello. The lobby is lined with small space heaters and plastic, patio furniture lined with green plaid tablecloths. On the wall are pictures of celebrities that have been framed. Below each of the frames is a small name tag to identify celebrity;  each star having their first names swapped out with the first name “Barney” (EX: Barney Sinatra). This made me laugh as I was waiting to order.

Barney’s is a one man operation. After he takes your order, he works and hums happily behind the counter as he fixes your sandwich.

I Ordered:

The Classic – 1/2 pound pastrami on a fresh hoagie roll with mustard and pickles.  (You can add cheese for 50 cents)

I love pastrami. It is my favorite meat to put on a sammich (and yes I know that is not how it is said, but when I talk about an amazing sandwich, I use the word sammich!) Try using in a daily conversation. It always gets a fun reaction.

Anyway, this was one of the top 3 pastrami sammies I have eaten! The meat is peppered and hot when you unwrap the sammich. Barney uses and delicious mustard spread and makes sure the cheese is melted a bit before serving it to you. Lastly, the bread is fresh and it holds up to the meat. What i mean is when I went to eat the other half of the sammich, the bread was not soggy.

This is an amazing lunch jewel in Everett. Barney only takes CASH and he DOES get busy! Make sure you get in early so you can taste some of the best pastrami around.

I would rate this delicious dive 4 out of 5 bellypats!

This aint the “I love you, you love me” Barney. NO WAY! This is a “I love meat, c’mon let’s eat” Barney! Make sure you visit Barney’s Pastrami in Everett.

Until next time, stay hungry my friends!

Matt : )





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