Where There’s Smoke, There I Be! Cask and Trotter Barbecue

April 9, 2016
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In mid-February, the wifey informed me of a new barbecue restaurant making it’s way to Lynnwood. To all my readers, you know I have never turned away a chicken wing or brisket that would have me. So, naturally, my interest was peaked. This establishment has been ranked in the top 10 barbecue in the NW for the last few years. It was time that we checked out Cask and Trotter Barbecue in Lynnwood.

This restaurant has had a few names in the past 3 years. It is formerly Maddox Grill and Rivals Sports Bar. It sits in a relatively unseen location on Highway 99 near motorcycle dealers and auto scrap yards. Can’t find it? Just follow your nose!

Walking through the front doors, you are greeted by the friendly staff and the overwhelming aroma of smoked meat. There is full bar, a pool table and a kind of make-shift man cave with leather couches and game systems. On the outer perimeter, you have booths that complete the restaurant. Large TV’s on the wall make this a great spot for your next Hawks get together or March Madness bracket party.

Perusing the menu, I was amazed with the variety of smoked meats, sides and platter options. As we weighed our options,  the owner stopped by and let us know that all meats are smoked in house and that once they are out of something, they are out of it for the day. He also let me know that there was nor freezer in the place, making all food fresh to the day.

They have an amazing happy hour where they will do sliders of each meat for $4 and all sides are between $3-4. It is a great place to have a lot of little plates to try all of their flavorful and mouthwatering meats. They also had large portions in the forms of full sandwiches and platters.

The wifey and I have had:

Pulled pork, brisket and pastrami, yes..smoked pastrami sliders

Smoked chicken wings

hand cut fires

Baked beans with bits of smoked meat.

All 3 homemade BBQ suaces

You know how when you go to a great bbq place that the sauce and the flavor kinda stay on your fingers and linger for a few hours, even after you wash them? This is what makes you crave the deliciousness more after you have left. Cask and Trotter is that place!! You can taste the quality of the food in each bite of meat you consume and each drop of sauce you sop up off of your plate.

I give this smokey and scrumptious establishment 5 Bellypats!

This has, and will continue to be, one of my frequent haunts. Go visit cask and Trotter in Lynnwood. Have a wing for your boy, or if you plan on going, hit up my phone and I’ll come join you 🙂



I want to end this blog with a quote from my favorite BBQ critic:

“Strong the sauce in this one truly is.” – Yoda


Stay Hungry My Friends,

Matt : )



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