Marysville Cash Money ‘Cue – Jeff’s Texas BBQ | July 3, 2016

Going out exploring on a random Saturday, as the wifey and I often do, we found ourselves close to the outlet mall near the Tulalip. Being a holiday weekend with large crowds told us that blowing money on clearance prices was not in our future that day.

As we exited the lots of crazy shoppers with too much cash to spend on Coach bags, the little lady remembered a new ‘cue joint that had been posted on one of her Facebook Foodie Groups. Being the sleuths of sustenance that we are, we decided to find this place. In a small strip mall on the main drag of Marysville, we found Jeff’s Texas BBQ.

Walking in, you are greeted by a friendly staff at the cutting counter. The aroma of freshly cut and smoked meats filled my nostrils and started me salivating. The meats are chalked up above the counter and are marked off after they run out. There is nothing more telling of a good BBQ joint than once it is gone, it’s gone for the day. There are no microwaves or freezers to make sure all of the product they put out is fresh and of the highest quality.

We ordered:

  • The Big Tray (Hefty portion of brisket and 2 sides of baked beans) 


This meal was not cheap, but in my opinion, good bbq depends on the time and love put into it, which makes it well worth paying a little more for better quality.

I was able to pick what cut of brisket I wanted (either the fatty side or the lean side) which I have never been able to do at any restaurant.

The Brisket was melt-in your-mouth amazing. Some of the best I have had…and if you follow my blogs, you know I dig the brisket.

The Beans! Oh my god the beans! I called the owner over to ask him about what he put in the beans. We found out that not only does he use pineapple as one of his natural sweeteners, but he also smokes the beans for 4 hours to give the brisket beans their deep, sweet taste. As someone once described amazing bbq to me, these beans are ,”slap your mama good”. The wifey and I agreed that these are the best baked beans we have had at ANY RESTAURANT! That’s right readers….these are at the top of my chart…so you gotta go and gobble ’em up!

I really appreciated the friendly service and conversation with the owners and the staff. It was not busy at the time, but I have a feeling that Jeff makes an effort to check on his guests and keeps them very happy.

This happy camper gives this small bbq gem 5 out of 5 bellypats!

Only being open for 6 months, I will definitely be returning to this hidden treasure soon so that it can continue to grow and sell more delicious and decadent vittles. If you are in the Marysville area and you want smoked meat, visit Jeff’s Texas BBQ. You will not be disappointed.


“It ain’t good BBQ unless you get some on you!”

Until next time, stay hungry my friends!

Matt : )






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