Lip Smackin’ Lake Stevens Cookies: Oven Monkey Bakery

April 8, 2012
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Recently, I had a time-share 6th grade classroom with a college. (She taught 3 days and I taught the other 2 each week) When my month in that classroom was over, the other teacher threw me a going away party.  She brought in cookies for the kids that were from the Oven Monkey Bakery in Lake Stevens.

A taste of the cookies got me hooked right away! She then surprised me with a gift card so I could partake in the goodness for a second time. Yessssss! (Thanks Tanya!)

Though it is a bit of a trek, the wifey and I decided to head up there this morning for an Easter Treat. I know I sinned by not going to church….so don’t start.

This bakery opened in September of last year and is located on the one street in town without houses….or as they like to call it Downtown Lake Stevens. : )

Bright colors of pink and green greet you as you enter. The staff is energetic and gives great explanations about ingredients and where each item in the case ranks on the meter of deliciousness.

We ordered:

2 chocolate chip cookies (I still think are the best I have had yet…)

2 Yes Please cookies (Craisins, almonds, oats and white chocolate)

2 Orange Citrus Blondie Brownies

1 Lemon Curd Cupcake (for the Mrs.)

If you are a calorie counter of a carb nazi, don’t go to this bakery…you will not be a happy camper.  You can taste the quality of product and the time that go into these confections.

If you have an hour or so to spare and would like to partake in the highest yummm factor imaginable, the Oven Monkey Bakery has a treat for you . Enjoy the scenery and the bellypatting satisfaction on your drive home.

I give this bakery 5 out of 5 Bellypats!!!


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