Creole Cookin’ on Wheels: “Where Ya At Matt?”(Seattle Food Truck)

August 28, 2012
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Food trucks are becoming very popular in the Seattle area. As a food blogger, I find it my duty (and my pleasure) to indulge in new and delicious food options in order to keep my loyal readers interested and up to date with the mobile food revolution.

“Where Ya At Matt?”  is one of my favorite food trucks to visit. This truck specializes in Creole cooking and favorites of New Orleans cuisine. Menu items include numerous delicious po’ boys, jambalaya, and even King cake during  Mardi Gras. Yes, the owner and operator shares my name but no, that is not the only reason I enjoy his food.

My favorite items off his truck have been:



Red beans and rice

Beignets:  – Pronounced ben-yay are made from deep-fried dough and sprinkled with powdered signature.  A Where Ya At specialty, these little French doughnuts are the closest thing that you get to Café DuMonde without a plane ticket! Three per order.


You can see the care and the love that goes into the food that this truck puts out. Though I have never been to N’Orleans, Marti Gras music blasts in my mind each time I see this vehicle of heavenly vittles rolling to a location near me.

Tip of the cap to you Matt! Well done!

I give this food truck 5 out of 5 Bellypats

To follow “Where Ya At Matt?” and where he will be parking daily, click on the link below and Enjoy!


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